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Can i check my car registration online ^ Video

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Can i check my car registration online

Registration Renewal in New Jersey

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You must renew your vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle) annually with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

First-Time Registration?

The following is for renewing your NJ vehicle’s registration. If you’ve just bought a car or moved into the state, visit our Car Registration page for first-time registration information.

New Jersey Registration Renewal Notice

As a reminder that your plate decals are about to expire, the MVC will send a renewal notice that includes:

Didn’t Receive a NJ Registration Renewal Notice?

If you didn’t receive a registration renewal notice, you can still renew in person (see below). If you’d like to learn why you didn’t receive your notice, contact the MVC by e-mail or calling (609) 292-6500.

Have you recently moved? Make sure the MVC has your new address on file, otherwise future MVC correspondence will be sent to your old address.

NJ Registration Renewal

NOTE: If you are not the owner listed on the title of your vehicle (i.e. leased vehicles) you may need to obtain legal permission to complete your registration renewal with a Power of Attorney from your leasing company. The Power of Attorney must be an original copy from the titled owner and include:

  • The name of the lessee.
  • A statement of authorization.
  • The VIN, year, make and model of your vehicle.

Renew in Person

Renewing your New Jersey registration in person guarantees same-day service, and is required if you aren’t eligible for online or mail renewal. To renew, visit your local MVC office with:

Renew Online

To renew your NJ plates online, you’ll need to have a renewal notice that includes a PIN located on the bottom right-hand corner. Once online, provide:

NOTE: If you recently moved, you’ll need to update your address before renewing. You will not be able to renew online if the date on the renewal noticed has passed. If you have lost your PIN, and your renewal notice hasn’t expired, you can call the MVC at (609) 292-6500 for your PIN.

Renew by Mail

Return your registration renewal notice along with:

If you’ve lost the enclosed envelope, mail to:

  • NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Revenue Processing Center
  • P.O. Box 009
  • Trenton, NJ 08646

NOTE: It will take at least a week for the MVC to receive and process your application. If your registration is close to expiring, consider renewing in person for same-day service. Contact the NJ MVC to check the status of your registration renewal order.

New Jersey Registration Renewal Fees

NJ MVC registration renewal fees vary based on:

Your renewal notice will indicate the amount you owe. For more detailed fee information, view the MVC’s fee chart.

Discount Renewal Fees

If you’re handicapped or 65 years old or older, the MVC offers a $7 discount off registration renewal fees.

Late Fees or Penalties

The New Jersey MVC does not charge a late fee for renewing your NJ plates after they expire. This does not mean, however, that you’re free to renew whenever you choose. If you are caught driving with expired plates, you will be ticketed.

NJ Registration Renewal for Military Members

You do not have to renew your registration as long as you’re an active member of the armed forces. This includes the National Guard and Reserves. Be sure to carry the military Extension Letter Administrative Order and military identification showing your active status while driving.

Service-Disabled and Blind Veterans in New Jersey

If you’re a service-disabled or blind veteran, you may qualify for free car registration if you meet the following classifications:

  • You’re without eyesight due to combat and are eligible for state compensation under N.J.S.A. 38:18-1
  • You currently have another combat-related disability and have qualified for a free car from the Veterans Administration (VA) and:
    ―You possess a valid NJ driver’s license
    ―Your vehicle has been modified for safe operation
    ―You have auto insurance coverage

Visit any NJ MVC office for a free registration application, or request an application by calling (609) 292-6500 or (609) 292-6500 if dialing from out of state.

Send the completed application with the seal or stamp of the VA to your local MVC office, or mail application to:

  • Government Unit
  • P.O. Box 016
  • Trenton, NJ 08666

NJ Armed Forces Car Registration Refund

If you register your vehicle in another state while on active duty, you can apply for a refund on the remaining time left on your NJ registration. To apply, send:

  • A Request for Refund letter explaining that you want a refund because of your military status.
  • Proof of your active military status.
  • A completed Refund Application (Form RU-9). If you can’t download it, call (609) 292-6500 or (609) 292-6500 to request an application be sent to you.
  • The car’s original title.
  • The car’s license plates.
  • Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Government Unit
  • P.O. Box 016
  • Trenton, NJ 08666-0016

NJ Emissions Inspection

Typically, vehicles registered in NJ must be tested every 2 years, but there are a number of exemptions. For more on this, visit our Emissions page.

NOTE: The NJ MVC does not send smog check reminders. It’s your responsibility to know when your emissions sticker expires.

New Jersey Liability Insurance

NJ car insurance is mandatory. Without it, you cannot renew your vehicle registration. For more information on New Jersey’s insurance laws and for local carriers, check out our Car Insurance page.

Replacement NJ Registration Certificates, Stickers, and License Plates

You may not drive without your registration certificate. If it’s lost or damaged, get a duplicate registration certificate immediately.

You will need to apply for replacement NJ license plates if they’re no longer legible or have gone missing.

NOTE: The NJ MVC no longer issues license plate stickers.

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