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Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go!
Current app icon
Length (in levels): N/A
Exient Entertainment
Rovio Entertainment
Released: November 26, 2013 (New Zealand)
November 27, 2013 (Australia)
December 3, 2013 (Brazil)
December 9, 2013 (Mexico)
December 11, 2013 (Worldwide)
Platforms: Android (2.3.3 and up), iOS (6.0 or later), Kindle Fire, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, Apple TV
Ratings: Everyone
Genre: Racing
Version(s): 2.6.3
[Version History]

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game based on the original game, it was developed by Exient Entertainment and published by Rovio Entertainment.

It is the seventh installment of Angry Birds, and was released on November 26, 2013 in New Zealand, one day following in Australia, and on December 11, 2013 worldwide. A countdown app was released on October 31, 2013.

The game involves downhill racing, with upgrade-able vehicles and character-specific powers. The game also uses the Telepods like Angry Birds Star Wars II, as in karts that can be ‘teleported’ into the game.

The first teaser picture.

The first information about the Angry Birds Go! appeared on June 12, 2013, while Rovio posted a small preview image and the game. A few days later, it was also announced that the game will be released for iOS and Android (later it was announced that the game was also be available on Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry). Before the beginning of game production company Rovio has signed an extended license agreement with Hasbro, which they produce toys and games under the brand Angry Birds. Hasbro will be involved in the development of Angry Birds Go!, and in conjunction with LucasArts continue working on Angry Birds Star Wars. Development lasted long enough for a long time the news about the game almost did not come (probably due to the development of Angry Birds Star Wars II).

The countdown app icon.

On October 31, 2013, Rovio released a countdown app called Countdown to Angry Birds Go!, where you can get acquainted with the characters, TelePods, little acquainted with the gameplay, and watch game trailers. It is also possible to gain points, for example, going every day to the application.

On November 26, 2013 the game came early in the New Zealand App Store. One day following in Australia, and then it became available on December 11, 2013 on worldwide.

Note: The plot was removed in v2.0 update.

The story starts when the pigs are ready to race on the Piggy Island, while the birds are looking down on them. The Chronicler Pig is making the prizes. The piggy that is in third place will win shoes, the second place piggy will win an apple, and the winner will win a big cake. The birds see the cake and want to eat it, making them join the race with the pigs.

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  • Main Article: GO! Karts
  • Note: The gameplay for v2.0 update is different than the previous version. To see v1 gameplay, go to Angry Birds Go!/Gameplay (Version 1)

The main menu of the game.

In Angry Birds Go!, there are various racing modes and many characters to race with and against. There are 12 playable characters in the game. The very first character that you get to race with is Red. You can recruit more characters by completing events. Each event has a required CC (cake capacity), so make sure you increase your kart’s CC by upgrading it.

v2.0 has massive changes from v1.0, campaign has been redesign and introduce with new features such as energy system, a new upgrade system for karts, new tournaments (unlock at Rank 4), new challenges, and a rank system where you earned XP to level up and unlock from the boxes ( ) such as coins, new karts, and tickets. (Rank 50 is a max rank)

There are five upgrades:

Acceleration ( ), Handling ( ), Strength ( ), Top Speed ( ), and Grip ( ).

Once you do, you will get an new kart every time you upgrade them with blueprints.

  • Race ( ) – A >Items
  • Coins ( ): Coins are the main in-game currency. They appear as small gold coins with Red’s face on them. They appear in every track and can be collected to increase the amount of awarded coins when finishing a race, and there are big-sized coins worth × 50. They are mainly used to purchase upgrades for the player’s karts with upgrade parts, and it’s also used for purchase 3 upgrade parts at the shop (starting at × 100 for regular parts, × 1,000 for Rare parts, and × 10,000 for Epic parts).
  • Gems ( ): Gems are the premium in-game currency. They appear as small, hexagonal, shiny blue gems. Gems are used to purchase refill energies, to upgrade karts when you don’t have enough coins, and to open premium toolboxes ( × 40 for open 1 prize and × 400 to open 11 prizes). A handful of gems are given out with some toolboxes, otherwise you will have to perform an in-app purchase. Version 1.0 players will get gems for their purchased karts after updating their game and logging on to their Rovio account.



  • Energy ( ): Energy replaces the cupcake scheme from v1.0. They are used to enter races, and can be replenished by waiting, watching v >
    In v2.0 update, you’ll get only one power-up by after watching the advertisement videos.

    • King Sling ( ): When this Power-Up is activated, the slingshot will become a large, gray, more advanced version of the normal slingshot. When the player takes off from the King Sling, they will be propelled very far, very similar to a headstart. This is the only returning Power-Up in this game, for the King Sling also appears as a Power-Up in Angry Birds.
    • Kart Repair ( ): Prior to the 2015 update (v1.6.2), when this Power-Up is activated, the player’s kart will automatically be repaired whenever their kart is damaged.
    • Leaf Blower ( ): This Power-Up replaced the Boost Power-Up during the July 2014 update (v1.4.0). When this Power-Up is activated, a metal fan will appear on the player’s kart, which spouts out leaves as it moves. This fan allows the player’s kart to accelerate much faster, as well as increasing its speed.
    • Turbo Kart ( ): This Power-Up replaced the Target Kart Power-Up during the 2015 update (v1.6.0). When this Power-Up is activated, the player is given a kart that looks very much like a poorly designed version of Kyle Larson’s NASCAR. This kart has lightning bolts on the front and the word “Turbo” on the back. This kart has a high top speed and accelerates very fast, however, much like with every other Power-Up, it can only be used in that particular race and will not appear as an available kart to drive in the game.


    Playable characters

    Each characters has special powers, giving them additional opportunities in the races. In Boss Battle, each of the characters (except Red, due to him being the default character) has different abilities next to their regular powers. In v1.0, they can use it repeatedly, but in v2.0, they only use it once.


    table >

    Characters Special Powers Description

    Activates a speed boost leaving a trail of red flames in the air for about half a second.

    Starter character in v2.0.

    Detonates his kart, leaving nearby opponent’s karts spinning out and damaging them at the same time, giving Bomb a minor speed boost. His own kart is not affected by the blast. In Boss Battle, he throws bombs towards the player. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 1 Race 5.

    Surrounds herself with a large, transparent, pink bubble that protects her kart from any possible damage while flying through the air and swooping coins and fruits within its radius. In Boss Battle, she blows bubbles backwards or forwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 2 Race 5.

    Expands into a large rolling sphere. While rolling with his inflated body, he can swoop up coins, fruits and ice cream cones. It also appears that while inflated, he is able to collect up to three rows of coins and splat fruits. While inflated, Bubbles has enough power to literally toss other racers into the air, force them forward, or knock them back. It is a power mixture of Red and Stella, hence the speed boost and size expansion, respectively. In Boss Battle, he spawns a TNT Crate, a box of coins, or a box of boost, tied to a balloon backwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 3 Race 5.

    Launches a large propelled egg bomb at racers in front of her. When the egg bomb explodes, it will spin-out any racers nearby. In Boss Battle, she spawns spinning eggs backwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 4 Race 5.

    Launches dynamite sticks at racers in front of him, which can be used up to three times, giving him a minor speed boost. Its only disadvantage is its short range, but if a dynamite stick explodes near a racer, they will spin out. In Boss Battle, he launches 3 TNT Rockets at once backwards. Also called Moustache Pig. At the end of the Boss Battle if you lose, it reads “Moustache Pig loves the taste of victory!”. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 5 Race 5.

    Rapidly hovers over the track with his balloons, similar to Stella. While flying, you don’t need to steer, but you can’t collect coins, splat fruits, or (above ground) travel up high as the autopilot, as it will automatically bring you back down to ground level. In Boss Battle, he hurls Minion Pigs’ backwards to slow down the player. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 6 Race 5.

    Preforms three mini speed boosts (all of these boosts are the same length as Red’s). In Boss Battle, they hurl a stone block, a wooden block and a glass block backwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 7 Race 5.

    Forms a storm over his own kart, that shocks nearby opponents, leading to their karts spinning out for a while. Although the storm appears to be slightly weaker than Bomb’s explosion, Terence also gets a minor speed boost from using his special power. In Boss Battle, he spawns big rocks backwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 8 Race 5.

    Creates a tornado, sending it forward in a direct line before his kart. Opponent racers who are hit by the tornado, spins out. Additionally, the tornado can collect coins, splat fruits, and destroy blocks and TNT crates in front of him. In Boss Battle, he shoots boomerangs backwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 9 Race 5.

    Uses his helmet as a shield, spinning around him. The helmet also speeds up his kart and can be used to spin out nearby racers, knock obstacles, or pick up fruit/coins. Each helmet lasts for about 15 seconds or until the kart runs into too many obstacles or the side of the track. In a typical race, the helmet can be used three times, with any use afterwards costing gems. typical race, In Boss Battle, Corporal Pig throws TNT Crates backwards. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 10 Race 5.

    Note: This ability is a reference to acquiring 3 green/red shells in various Mario Kart games.

    Uses a mega speed boost. While doing so, time completely stops temporarily, thus giving the player more reaction time on the track. It appears that when racing against Chuck, when he uses his special ability, he will loose a large amount of speed for a portion of around 30 seconds, making it very easy to win a race. In Boss Battle, he leaves wheel boosts behind. In v2.0, playable after getting one star on Campaign Level 11 Race 5.

    Same ability as Chuck’s special power, only goes longer.

    Note: He’s no longer playable in v2.0 update ownards.

    Non-playable characters

    Characters Description
    Mechanic Pig appears in the kart selection and cutscenes. When tapped on, he will either give gameplay advice, make comments, or laughs if you tap him many times. He also appears in lose screen with his surprise expression.

    In v1.10.0 Halloween update, he was removed from kart selection for space limitation purposes.

    Minion Pigs are not playable, but they do appear in game modes, which are:

    Race Mode – They have the role of a minor disturbance.
    Fruit Splat Mode – Pigs prevent the player to collect splat fruits.
    They also appears in the cutscenes, Jenga mode, and gameplay background. In version 2, they appear as competing racers.

    Chronicler Pig only appears in the beginning of the cutscene and King Pig cutscene.

    In v1.4.0, he was a old sprite model of Senna Bird.
    (see Unused Content for more information)


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