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Apr 10 2019

Top Bay Area Alcohol – Drug Rehab

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Top Bay Area Alcohol - Drug Rehab, NEF6.COM

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Learn to Live Again


If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, you understand how this potentially fatal illness can wreak havoc on one’s body, mind, and spirit while destroying precious relationships. Deteriorating physical health, family troubles, and legal repercussions are the common consequences that accompany the actions taken by those in addiction’s grip. There is hope!


At Olympia House, we work to treat the whole person mind, body, and spirit not just the addiction. Our integrated approach is based on the philosophy that treatment isn t something that happens to you; instead, you are an active participant in the process.


Our approach to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction differs from many traditional rehab programs because we offer both comprehensive therapeutic tools and individualized treatment plans to facilitate the recovery process.


Olympia House outpatient services are for residents who have completed our residential treatment program and for non-residents interested in a less intensive level of care to assist them with their personal recovery goals and provide ongoing support.

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