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Mar 14 2019

Online life insurance quotes, online life insurance quotes, best life insurance quotes.

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Instant Online Life Insurance Quotes in Canada

Best life insurance quotes

At Insurance Shoppers, we guarantee you the lowest life insurance rates with some of Canada’s best Life insurance companies. Many of our customers save up to 73% on their life insurance premiums!

Plus, we check to prevent “rate creep” and keep you at the lowest rate as things change year by year…

I’m sure you’ve noticed others don’t do this. Because they can’t! We’re one of the only firms with contracts with virtually ALL Canadian life insurance companies. Which is why you’ll find the LOWEST price here at the click of a button, guaranteed.

When you fill out the Best Rate Calculator on the right, we’ll immediately quote you rates from more than 25 top life insurance companies with 100% transparency so you can select, the lowest insurance price, guaranteed.

Instant Quotes

The only way you can make an informed decision is to compare all insurers, so do it here with no obligation.

Why are we different from other online life insurance websites?

There are 3 kinds of life insurance quotation websites on the internet these days

Example Pricing Revealed

This is just an example of what you will see on the other side, after you request an Instant online life insurance quote. As you can see, every company charges a different rate, but the benefit is the same, so

Best life insurance quotes

The individual insurance company web sites

These are the most useless to you. Most online life insurance sites do not compare all Canadian insurers. They usually only represent one company, which means that yo never get a good transparent comparison.

Individual life insurance brokers

that do not give you an instant online life insurance comparison. What they do is ask you to provide all your personal information, which they then farm out to other insurance agents, who will then call you and still won’t give you any quotes. No , what they will do is try to make an appointment with you to come over to your house and have an agent sit with you for hours to give you information that you could easily get on your own, without wasting any time.

A true Instant online comparison website, such as this one

This is what you will see once you have requested a life insurance quote on our website:

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