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May 29 2018

JAPANESE GENUINE OEM PARTS, genuine auto parts.#Genuine #auto #parts

Genuine auto parts

Genuine auto parts

We provide the service helping you to find and purchase the vehicle auto parts in Japan and ship to worldwide.

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About this site.

Genuine auto parts

Find the auto parts number

Inquire the stock and shipping cost

Genuine auto parts

Genuine auto parts

Confirm Price, stock, order confirmation

Calculate shipping cost

Genuine auto parts

Genuine auto parts

Pay your order via Paypal or bank transfer

Genuine auto parts

Genuine auto parts

Deliver your order from Japan

Wide range of Worldwide delivery options are provided

For customer’s satisfaction

1. We can order the auto parts in Japan for you.

2. If you order is available and ready to ship, we will ship your order in 3

5 business days after the order is placed and payment is clear.

3.For the auto parts that are out of stock at the time, we will place the new order from manufacturer and inform you when your order is available to ship to you.

We will contact you with the estimated delivery date and further information after the payment is received.

Please be noticed that extra charge will be applied on any urgent deliveries if the customer requires.

Customer satisfaction is very important for us and we would like you to have a great shopping experience with us. We do provide multi-languages customer services, if you have any concerns regarding to your order, please feel free to contact us.

***Some auto parts shown on our website is discontinued. Please check the stock with us if you are unsure.

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Genuine auto parts

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