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Nov 30 2017

Philadelphia Public Auto-Auction in Philadelphia, PA #rocky #s #auto

#philadelphia auto auction

Philadelphia Public Auto-Auction

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over a year ago

Over the past 5 years I ‘ve had purchase three cars( Volvo,Mercedes ML, Niss Altima) from philly auction.I still have all of the cars,as I have large family and a couple of teens who’ve

over a year ago

These guys are thieves, Stay Away. This business is very suspicious. They have no auction paddles. Just a piece of paper. The auctioneer and one of the owners bangs a piece of rubber on a wood counter upfront to make it seem like someone bids on a vehicle when nobody bids. For instance with my car that I purchased, the auctioneer said 6500.00 and then the guy who I think is the owner up front bangs the piece of rubber to make it seem like someone bids on the vehicle and then they said 6800.00. I thought someone bid and then some people who were with me and other people at the auction informed me that nobody bid. This is extremely deceptive.

Also, when they drove up the vehicle there were no engine light warnings on. We could not even get the milage on the vehicle and the auctioneer and owner said 101,000 miles were on the vehicle.

Wednesday night 04/13/2011 we bid on the car and Friday 04/15/2011 after noon we went to pick up and pay the balance on the car. There the girl asks me if for 2000.00 I wanted transmission or engine insurance for 3 days. I said, Why is something wrong with the transmission or engine? Everything was really weird. There were big men standing all around like guards, only one person could go into the room. They would not allow my wife to go in the room to look over paperwork with me. We got at the auction at 12 noon and the owner said that it would take a couple hours to get the title. We went and got something to eat. Around 2:45 in the after noon 15 minutes before the business closed. They said we could pick it up. We went in. They gave us a piece of paper to go across the street into a open fenced gate. We had to give the guy inside the gate the paper and he drove the car out of the lot. My friend got in the car to follow me back to the Pocono’s in Pennsylvania. My friend called me on my cell phone to inform me, the car was not shifting out of first gear and something was wrong with the transmission. I phoned the auctioneer immediately. The receptionists answered, put me on hold and then nobody picked up the phone. I called again and they would not answer. I turned around because we were a couple of minutes away from the auction business and nobody opened or answered the door. I called a friend and took the vehicle to Superior Auto Care,Inc. 215-271-1439. The owner Peter Cundo hooked the vehicle up to a diagnostic machine and he informed me that the auction company used a scanner to clear any engine light codes that would have come on and warned us that their was something wrong with the engine. Also the vehicle had 125,000 not 101,000 miles, like we were told.

They have covered up the facts that this car has engine and transmission problems. Then they have cleared the codes with a scanner. Doing this is extremely deceitful. Although the auction says, as is we would not have purchased a vehicle with engine light warnings illuminating. To replace the transmission is 8000.00. The purchase price was 6800.00 plus 12.25% buyers premium which is 833.00, 108.00 auction fee and 115.00 tag fee, totaling 7857.00. My wife is so upset and sick she can not function. because now having four children she has no vehicle. There is no way for her to take our kids to their practices, games and lessons after school. Our daughters couldn’t goto gymnastics class because we couldn’t get them there. Our older daughter is in a competition and will not be as prepared as she should be because of missed lessons. We can not ask anyone to take her over an hour each way, several times a week. She too us very upset.

I do not want anybody else to go through this horrible, disgusting, deceitful, dishonest experience. This company should be put out of business. Send people there undercover and you will not beleive what you will

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