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Jul 31 2017

2017 Comcast XFINITY Review #comcast #ddns


Comcast XFINITY Review

Plans Offer Download Speeds Surpassing 100 Mbps

Few cable internet providers can match the speeds of XFINITY. As the name implies, its Extreme 105 package has download speeds up to 105 Mbps, which is some of the fastest consumer internet service available. XFINITY is a very good option for anyone who enjoys gaming or watching videos online as well as people who work from home and require a very fast connection for business. Comcast XFINITY offers many other packages below the Extreme 105 that are sufficient for just about any internet user. However, you should note that actual speeds may vary depending on your location.

Bundle Your Services

XFINITY s Double and Triple Play packages are a great way to save money while still getting access to some really excellent services. The company s Triple Play plans combine its cable internet with TV and phone service, and its Double Play packages cover just TV and internet. Getting all these services in one place can not only save money, but also make things much more convenient for you because you only deal with a single company.

Fast Upload Speeds

XFINITY s upload speeds are just as impressive as its download speeds, with the company s best package offering 20 Mbps. Of course, this number is less important because, on average, people do much more downloading than uploading. Still, if you find yourself frequently posting videos online or uploading other major content, it may be wise to choose an internet provider like Comcast XFINITY that provides higher upload rates.

The Bad

Leasing Equipment Can Get Expensive

XFINITY charges its customers for leasing the modem required for the company s cable internet service. This is fairly common among internet service providers, but XFINITY charges slightly more than its competitors. For most people, this shouldn t be much of an issue, and more of a necessity. It probably wouldn t deter you from going with Comcast XFINITY, but it might make sense to make an investment in your own Comcast-approved modem if you are going to be with the company long-term.

The Details

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